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Part of the "Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing" workshop presented by Ms. Sumaya Zaabanoot and Ms. Noor kashoob to the employees of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Civil Aviation Authority, and Salalah Free Zone to enhance the community service workshops organized by the university annually. Several topics were covered during the workshop, including the history, concept, and applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing, in addition to the practical aspect using Google Earth Pro and QGIS programs.


Participants’ Benefits:

Employees from various institutions learned about different applications and programs used in the field of Geographic Information systems (GIS).

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Sunday, 14 May 2023 12:28

Training Drill on Fire Evacuation

Dr. Mohammed Salim Al-Maashani-Chairman Health & Safety Committee, UTAS-Salalah organized a training drill on fire evacuation in collaboration with the ROP-Civil Defense Team on 10th May 2023, at 9:00 am. The event was organized for the Electrical Engineering Section. Dr. Syed Aqeel Ashraf, Health & Safety Team head and other members of Electrical Engineering section have managed to evacuate the entire electrical section staff and students after the fire alarm was given and assembled at the Assembly point.

The Civil defense personnel has given a brief lecture on the awareness on Fire Hazards and Health & Safety precautions in the working environment. He also demonstrated the way of quenching the fire. The event was graced by Dr. Said Omar Al-Mashikhi, Head of Engineering Department and Dr. Mohammed Salim Al-Maashani - Chairman Health & Safety Committee, UTAS-Salalah.

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The Electrical Engineering Student Development Team through the initiative of Er. Sharifa Zaabanoot and Er. Hani organized a seminar on “Time Management as an Effective Learning Technique” on 10 May 2023 at Electrical building UTAS-Salalah. This seminar aimed to educate the students on the importance of time management in achieving academic success and developing professional skills.

The seminar was conducted by Ms. Manar AL-Safi, the Head of Key Skills Department, Salalah Vocational College. The seminar was participated by Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students. Ms. Manar started the seminar by defining time management and its relevance in achieving personal and professional goals. She highlighted the importance of setting priorities, creating a schedule, and managing distractions to maximize productivity. She also emphasized that time management is not about working harder, but working smarter.

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The Civil and Architectural Engineering Section organized a guest lecture on “Contract and Resource Management” on 9th May 2023 at Civil Engineering Building to the graduating students of Civil and Architecture Engineering. The Lecture was delivered by Mr. Mohammed Musallam Suhail Al-Barami, an alumni of the section and currently working as Director of QS, Royal Estates, The Palace - Salalah. Mr. Mohammed emphasized to the participants the importance of Contract and Resource Management. The guest lecture was aimed to enhance knowledge of the students and receive first-hand information in interacting with industry experts. The session was very interactive and students were exposed to the real time situations in construction industry.

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The Civil & Architectural Section students visited NAMA Dhofar Services company to learn about the applications and programs used in the field of Geographic Information systems (GIS), where the Geographic Information Department (GIS) explained the importance of the program in managing the company’s business as well as the applications available in the company in this field, especially in the management of the company’s assets.  

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The Electrical Engineering Section staff have taken another initiative to promote the green office concept and reduce plastic waste. They have started using eco-friendly grocery bags and reusable plastic-free bottles. Dr. Teofilo suggested this activity to the section, and the electrical section head distributed steel bottles and eco-friendly grocery bags to all the section staff. This initiative is a great step towards reducing plastic waste and promoting a sustainable environment.


The use of eco-friendly grocery bags and reusable bottles can significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste generated in the office. This initiative can inspire other sections and departments to adopt similar practices and promote   green office concept. The reduction of plastic waste is an important issue, and this initiative is a positive step towards addressing it.

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The Electrical section staff development committee, with the initiation of Er. Sharifa Zabanot, invited Dr Julius Irudayasamy, Acting Chairperson, Department of English Language and Literature, Dhofar University, to deliver a talk on the topic "An Outcome-based Active Learning and Innovation – Oman Vision 2040". The talk was attended by the Electrical section staff. The topic of the talk was related to the Oman Vision 2040, which aims to promote innovation and active learning.


The initiative taken by the Electrical section staff development committee is commendable, as it provides an opportunity for staff members to learn and grow professionally. Such initiatives can help promote a culture of learning and innovation in the workplace, which can lead to better outcomes and increased productivity.

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As a part of industry and community engagement, Civil Engineering , Advanced Diploma students Mr. Mohammed Said Ali Al-Masahli and Mr. Salim Ahmed Omar Bahid Al-Mashikhi, along with the lecturer Er. Deiveegan Ramasamy visited the construction of residential flats in Saadah.


 The main objective of the visit was to enable the student’s practical skills and understanding of the various construction process of residential apartments. In addition, the visit helped the students to have deeper understanding of the various element and  quantities required in building construction estimation.

Appreciation to the General Manager, M/S. Ahmed Naseeb Al Shanfari, Trading and Contracting Establishment and Er. Abdul Khaliq, for their support and acceptance in visiting the construction site.

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The Electrical Engineering Student Development Team through the initiative of Er. Sharifa Zaabanoot organized a seminar on “An Overview of Power Generation at Dhofar Generation Company Power Plant” conducted by alumni-staff Er. Hassan Musallam Ahmed Tabook.


The seminar was participated by the graduating students from Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students. Er. Hassan commenced his presentation with a brief introduction about the company. He discussed the operations of the different Gas and Steam turbines inside the plant and the proper maintenance for the benefit of the company as well its customers. At the end of his discussion, he shared to the participants his experiences with the company as well as the needed skills for them to become part of the company.


The participants were able to acquire additional knowledge on how the power is being generated by the different turbines inside the power plant of the Dhofar Generating Company.

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