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The Majan University College organized “1st Student Symposium on Research and Innovation in Computing and Information Technology. The program was recently concluded the final results of this this National Level Symposium 2023.

The competition was conducted in different domain areas. And one of the domain is Internet of Things(IoT) and Smart Technology.  The symposium committee announced this competition during April 2023, and they had conducted this competition in multiple rounds, starting from full paper submission, followed by top 10 papers selected form the reviewers’ results during the competition.

According to the organizer, at the final stage of the competition, the participant (student) must connect remotely Microsoft Team meeting and present their research paper presentation and answer the questions of the jury members. The Organizing committee received around 25+ projects from different colleges and university from Oman held on 24th of May 2023.

               In the final result, only the team from IT Department, UTAS- Salalah ranked 1rd place in the Symposium. IT Student team are currently studying in the IT Department, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Salalah. 

The IT Students along with Supervisor are,

Name of the Students

Title of The paper




IoT and RFID Enabled Smart Student Monitoring and Safety System


Cyber and Information Security

Dr. R. Venkateswaran,

Faculty, IT Department.



The Dean of UTAS-Salalah, Dr. Mohammed Rashid Al-Mamari, The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Majdi Mohammed Said Bait Ali Sulaiman congratulated the winning team for their great success. And Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari, Head of the information technology department, expresses her gratitude to all participants, including the supervisor for his hard work and achievement.

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Dr. Abhishek Dubey, as a resource person, gave a presentation on "Emerging Trends in IT – Jobs & Startups Perspectives" in a community development program. The program took place on 23rd May 2023 in BSIT19L. Dr. Abhishek divided the session into three main areas.

Firstly, he discussed the important points to consider while job hunting or searching. He emphasized the significance of skills in securing employment, focusing on both soft and technical skills. He explained their importance in finding jobs and provided guidance on developing these skills.

Next, Dr. Abhishek explored the emerging trends in IT, such as 5G technologies, Cloud Computing, AI, Data Science, and Cyber Security. He presented real-time applications and their effects, helping the attendees make informed decisions about which areas they would like to apply for. He also highlighted the job and startup prospects available in these areas.

Lastly, he delved into the role of startups in a country's development. Dr. Abhishek explained the crucial factors to consider before planning a startup and elaborated on how startups contribute to overall progress. The session was well-appreciated by the attendees.

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On 16th of May 2023, Dr. Mansaf Alam an esteemed professor from Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University, New Delhi, India delivered an informative lecture on "Cloud Computing in Real Life and its Applications."   It was organized by the IT Section in collaboration with the Staff Development Committee conducted via Google Meet.  The lecture was aimed at presenting the practical implementation of cloud technologies and their impact on various aspects of our daily lives. Dr. Mansaf Alam, presented some of the popular cloud-based applications such as Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, video streaming platforms, and backup solutions for systems.  These applications have shown the increasing significance of cloud computing to individuals and organizations alike.

Dr. Mansaf Alam's lecture offered valuable insights into the practical implementation of cloud technologies and their significant impact on revolutionizing various industries. This lecture was a part of UTAS' continuous undertaking to provide informative sessions that enrich and keep staff up to date with the latest developments in technology.

One more great achievement from the Information Technology Department. Our students Mr. Salim Ahmed Salim Al-Kabani and Ms. Shahad Said Abdullah Al-Shanfari who presented and won the best research paper award on the titled Deep Learning Based Construction Workers Helmet Detection Using YOLO 8x Model in ICICMCT'23-INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INNOVATIONS IN COMPUTING MATERIALS & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES at IES College of Engineering, Chittilappilly, India on 15th May 2023.  The Conference was conducted in Hybrid mode.

Mr. Salaim and Ms. Shahad presented their research on the domain of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technology to distinguish whether workers were wearing helmets or not during work time at the construction site. Their experimental finding reveals 95.46% accuracy while using the You Only Look Once model-8x. This research work is guided by Dr. Mohamed Sinnaiya Chithik Raja.

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“BEING RESPONSIBLE AND DOING IT NOW” ON 11/04/2023 (Tuesday), Time 11.15 AM- 12.15 PM


The program was aimed to raise awareness and to motivate students to improve their academic performance and encourage them to take part in college surveys". It was basically an open forum for all students where discussions can take place, ideas and knowledge can be shared, and opinions and thoughts can be exchanged.


The discussion was done on various questions such as:


1Q) what is meant by being responsible and why is today’s topic based on this title?

2Q) How we can judge or understand that a person is responsible?

3Q) What the qualities that a human being should possess that shows or tells that he/she is responsible?

4Q) what are the positive effects of being punctual, and having a conscious nature that “Doing it now” is a part of mine is “my Duty”.

5Q) what are the merits of being Independent? 

6Q) what are the disadvantages of being dependent, lazy, delaying thing/work and careless in the families and in the society?

7Q) Do you agree/Disagree that in current times the student community is more responsible in comparison to the previous years? 

8Q) Generating awareness on TBS (Tutorial booking system), remedial and extra tutorial classes.



E-services->> student portal


9Q) Benefits of Student-Teacher Evaluation?


10Q) Drawbacks of not participating in such important feedbacks/surveys?

11Q) How to create awareness on this survey since it’s online and linked to e-Learning?


There was a lot of interaction during the event, and more than 45 plus enthusiastic students participated in this event .Moreover the participants stressed on the importance of being responsible and carrying out each and every task promptly. In order to encourage curiosity and exploration, students should engage in a fun learning process that incorporates real-life applications.


The event was conducted by IT-HOD, Dr.Fatima Al-Shanfari, Dr. Shaima Al-Shanfari, Mrs. Asra Anjum and Mr. Said Salim Masoud Al-Katiri (HOS-MATH). The HOD had expressed her heartfelt gratitude for organizing the event and wished to conduct many such events in the upcoming months. 

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Thursday, 25 May 2023 08:34

How to plan your summers

Written by

How to plan your summers” on 21/05/2023 (Sunday), Time 11.00AM- 1.00 PM @Brainstorming room.

The program was aimed to “create awareness amongst the students on how to utilize the upcoming summer vacation effectively, to learn and explore new things and unleash their hidden talents". It was basically an open forum for all students where discussions can take place, ideas and knowledge can be shared, and opinions and thoughts can be exchanged. 

There was also an Alumni talk on the topic “Climb to Success”, presented by:

  1. Marwa Said Al- Shanfari
  2. Maryam Ali Al-Hilali

They are currently working as Computer Assistant at UTAS-SALALAH

They emphasized and encouraged the students to utilize the summer break to gain skills, do the volunteer work and create job opportunities in the coming years.


The discussion was done on various questions such as:

1Q) what you usually do in summers rather than just relaxing and travelling?

2Q) Main events or activities that are conducted in Oman especially in Salalah?

3Q) Activities that can be done during summer vacation:

  1. Part-Time jobs
  2. Workshops
  3. Volunteer works
  4. Training to improve soft skills



  1. Sales Executive
  2. Data Entry
  3. Odoo applicant tracking
  4. Database Administrator
  5. Receptionist
  6. Teaching Assistant


There was a lot of interaction during the event, and more than 20 plus enthusiastic students participated in this event .Moreover the participants stressed on the importance of acquiring new skills. In order to encourage curiosity and exploration, students should engage in a fun learning process that incorporates real-life applications.

The event was conducted by Dr.Fatima Al-Shanfari (IT-HOD), Mr. Said Salim Masoud Al-Katiri (HOS-MATH), Mrs. Asra Anjum (Lecturer in Math) and the Alumni speakers Ms. Marwa Said Al- Shanfari, Ms. Maryam Ali Al-Hilali. The certificate of appreciation is given to both the speakers for giving an excellent presentation. The HOD has expressed her heartfelt gratitude for organizing the event and wished to conduct many such events in the next academic year too. 

{lightgallery type=local path=images/news/IT/1185 previewWidth=200} MATHEMATICS SECTION OF COLLEGE OF COMPUTING (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) DEPARTMENT ORGANIZED 4th HOT TOPIC OF THE MONTH SERIES ON THE TOPIC {/lightgallery} Joomla Plugins

Math Section, College of computing (IT Department) of UTAS- Salalah has conducted an online workshop on “Introduction to programming using MATLAB” on 16/5/2023, this workshop has witnessed a huge participation from UTAS- COT’S and CAS’S staff members.

The Key note speaker Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed EL Mojtaba, currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman has highlighted the importance of MATLAB and its huge applications. He demonstrated the Matlab basics since many staff members were not familiar with it, he also explained on various tools and functions available in the software especially for graphs and differential equations. Furthermore, he emphasized on teaching calculus courses using MATLAB in order to get clear understanding about the concepts.


Dr. Shaima Al-Shanfari (Lecturer-Math) presented the certificate of Appreciation and expressed her gratitude to the resource speaker.

 Mrs. Asra Anjum (Lecturer-Math) hosted the online event and concluded with a vote of thanks. Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari, HoD-IT and Mr. Said Al- kathiri, HOS-MATH has appreciated the entire team for the successfully conducting the event.

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The Research and Consultancy team of IT Department organized the webinar on “Overview of Patent process and Types” on 9th of May 2022.

Dr. Abhishek, HoS-Multimedia and Speaker of the webinar has started his presentation about "An Overview of Patent Process in Oman" by discussing the concept and significance of patents. He has provided a brief history of patent law in Oman and how it has been influenced by Oman's membership in the WTO, which has standardized the registration process and validated the PCT clause. Furthermore, he has demonstrated the process of registering intellectual property using, outlining the necessary steps to follow, explaining the registration procedure, and highlighting important points in the first part of the session.

In the second part of the session, Dr. R. Venkateswaran, speaker, started his presentation about the Indian Patent and process by discussing the Types of patents, preparation and patent requirements. He had provided detailed information about the patent process and how to submit Indian patent applications through this portal.  Furthermore, he discussed the importance of patents in academic institutions and highlighted the importance of holding the patent.

At the end of the session, the Research and Consultancy team Headed by Dr. Shaima Al-Shanfari <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Congratulated the speakers by providing the digital certificate to them of the day of webinar. The program was hosted by Dr. Mohammed Maqsood, Member of RC Committee.

Dr. Fatima Al-Shanfari, Head of IT Department appreciated the Research and Consultancy team and speakers for organizing an important program in our university.  

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With the goal to enhance the skills and knowledge of lecturers and students in the field of web development, Ms. Jasmin Tumulak Estudillo, an IT lecturer from UTAS-Salalah, conducted a two-part workshop entitled "Full Stack Web Development using MERN STACK" via Google Meet on February 18 and March 4, 2023, from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

The workshop, which was organized by the UTAS-Salalah, College of Computing and Information Sciences, was participated by lecturers, students, and other interested individuals from across all UTAS branches who are eager to gain insights into the latest trends in the field of web development in Oman. The sessions covered a wide range of topics, including the basics of MERN STACK, front-end and back-end web development, and database integration. Ms. Estudillo, shared her extensive knowledge and experience with the participants, providing them with practical insights and hands-on experience through real-world examples.

The workshop was part of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences ongoing efforts to provide high-quality education and an up-to-date curriculum that is aligned with the demands of the industry.

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This workshop is aimed to impart the knowledge about the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) design to the people who are interested in designing a website or mobile application. Figma is a free modern interface design / UI tool to create, collaborate, and prototype. This workshop was conducted on 16th & 17th April 2023 from 01:00 to 02:30PM in IT-9L. The registered participants were received the training on the tool after registering themselves as a student in the Figma tool. Hands-on experience was gained by them using the case studies shared. It was helpful for them to prototype their ideas and for some students, it will be useful to complete their projects too.

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