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Monday, 20 June 2022 07:19

A Seminar on “Self-Energy Management”

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The Business Studies Department's Research and Consultancy Committee hosted a seminar on "Self Energy Management" on June 14, 2022, 12 noon at BSIT 16C. The resource speaker of the event was Dr. Blessy Mathew, BSD lecturer, and was introduced by Dr. Navaneetha Krishnan, R & C Department chairman. Dr.Blessy emphasized on the importance of managing energy levels rather than managing time as an important factor in completing tasks cheerfully and successfully. The seminar was well attended by staff members from across academic departments. A lively interaction also took place during the open forum. The seminar is part of the continuing efforts of the departments’ R&C Committee to provide relevant skills and knowledge to the staff related to their research capabilities and academic challenges.

The Business Studies Department conducted a special Mock-Interview session for the OJT and exit level business students. This program was organized by the OJT committee in the department with the able support of Student Development Committee and Business Club. The session took place in BSIT-8C on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. The interview panel members were Mr. Hatem Suwailam, Head of Section-Human Resource Management, Dr. Amit Sharma, Coordinator-OJT, Mr. Neil Raymond, Head of Section- Accounting, and Mr. Ricardo Biason, Chairman- Student Development Committee.

Mr. Neil Raymond gave an introductory motivational message to kick off the event. He emphasized on the necessity of attending such workshops, which can assist students in learning the fundamentals of attending an interview. In addition, Mr. Ricardo emphasized on the STAR method of behavioral interview strategy for interview preparation which he learned from his meetings with industry professionals. Dr. Amit Sharma, based on his frequent industry visits and interaction with company representatives, shared the company's feedback with the students. He stressed on the need of being confident by preparing in advance for an interview and avoiding anxiousness during the interview. Mr. Hatem Suwailam also expressed his thoughts on the importance of writing an effective CV. He also offered his CV writing skills to the students and asked them to contact him in case they need his help in writing a competitive CV.

During this session, the panel interviewed three students and asked them a variety of questions not only to assess their communication skills, academic understanding, and general knowledge but also to give them a feel of the real interview environment. The interview panel provided feedback to the students based on the candidates' responses. They also shared their interviewing experiences and abilities with all the audience.

The workshop was extremely beneficial, as all the students expressed an interest in attending additional similar sessions to improve their skills, which will aid them in obtaining the profession of their choice.

On May 24, 2022, members of the Business Studies Department attended a session hosted by the Human Resource Department (HRD) Committee on "The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Businesses." Mr. Hansel Delos Santos, a senior academic member in the IT department, was the resource person. He emphasized the importance of technology in fostering innovation, opening new business prospects, and transforming the way business’s function. Following that, the virtues of Artificial Intelligence technologies in replicating or surpassing talents in computer systems that are commonly regarded as intelligent if accomplished by a human were discussed. The expert also discussed the many types of artificial intelligence, including Applied Artificial Intelligence and Generalized Artificial Intelligence.

After the resource person discussed features of 'Machine learning,' which employs algorithms and statistical models to complete a certain task without providing explicit instructions, instead relying on patterns and inference, the discussion became vibrant. The participants were more interested in knowing how 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Machine Learning' are employed in business. Virtual agents and Chabot’s, suggestive online searches, targeted advertising, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, voice and speech recognition, face recognition, machine translation, autonomous driving, and automatic scheduling were all mentioned by the resource person. Furthermore, the discussion also focused on 'How Artificial Intelligence benefits businesses, particularly in terms of lowering operational costs, increasing efficiency, generating revenue, and improving customer experience.'

The Business Studies Department staff attended a session on “Utilizing Managerial Accounting tools & techniques for successful retail operation,” organized by the Human Resource Department (HRD) Committee on May 17, 2022.

The resource person was Dr. Mohammed Nazeer Ahmed, a faculty of the department. The resource person presented an integrated role of Management Accounting to the retail business organizations. During the first phase of the session the discussion was on the following aspects: what is retail? role of a merchandise retailer and service retailer and the functions performed by them, essentials of retailing, retailing from functional perspective, role of retail management for successful retail business.

The discussion during the second phase was on what is management accounting? role of management accounting in assisting planning, control and decision making, and the techniques of management accounting.

The third phase of the session was exclusively on utilizing management accounting tools and techniques for the successful retail operations.

The highlight of the session was, discussing the inventory control operations followed by the retail giant Walmart. The session concluded by discussing also the limitations associated with management accounting as a tool for decision making. The session was well received by the participants, and all had responded enthusiastically to the knowledge-sharing process that was followed during the session.    

The College Industrial Link and Community Engagement Committee and Business Studies Department conducted second visit to Salalah Free Zone Company S.A.O.C to give experiential learning experience to the students of business department.

A group of 16 students from various levels and specializations, along with Dr. Amit Sharma, Coordinator- OJT & Member ICEC visited the company on Wednesday 30th March 2022.

Ms. Abeer Abdul Samad Al Mandhari, Marketing & Communication Manager, welcome the visiting group. She gave a detailed presentation on the various operations of SFZ. Students were briefed about the ease of doing business, benefits of establishing company in SFZ, and how SFZ is helping in providing world class business opportunities along with job opportunities for the Omani youth.

To provide more in-depth knowledge about the working environment in a company, the group visited the various SFZ departments, where the students were awe struck with the SFZ staff professionalism.

This visit provided a great opportunity for the students to acquaint themselves with the real work environment in a professional body like SFZ.

The Business Studies Department, with the support of College Industrial and Community Engagement Committee (ICEC), conducted an industrial visit to OQ Methanol, Salalah on Wednesday 30th March 2022.

On arrival, Mr. Mazed Al Rawas, Head-CSR welcome the staff and students in the company. The visiting group was taken to the presentation hall of the company, where HSE staff and Mr. Mazed enlightened the group with an overview of OQ company. A staff member from the LPG plant of OQ, explained the production process of LPG and its supply network in Oman.

The department and company staff members discussed many mutual benefit points in order to improve the overall imparting of the course outcomes to the students. At the end of presentation and discussion session, refreshments were served to all the present members.

In the second lag of visit, the group was taken to the administration building of OQ, where the visiting group was briefed about the company operations through the company model.

The visiting group consisted of a group of 16 students along with faculty members from various sections of Business Studies Department.

Thursday, 12 May 2022 11:50

A Guest Lecture on ‘Operational Audit’

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The Department of Business Studies organized a guest lecture on the topic of ‘Operational Audit’. The event was organized by the ICEC and OJT committee in business department, on the request of Accounting section. This lecture was a part of series of guest lectures to develop the hands-on skills of the students.

On this occasion, Mr. Ashwani Jhamb, GM- Audit & Assurance, Salalah Port was the guest speaker. Dr. Ghanim B. Shamas, HoD- Business Studies Department addressed the students before the start of the lecture and urged them to take full advantage of such lectures. The session was introduced by Mr. Neil R., A/HoS- Accounting Section. After this, Dr. Amit Sharma, Member- ICEC and department coordinator for OJT introduced the speaker to the audience.

Mr. Ashwani Jhambh, who has over 25 years of working experience in Oman,enlightens the audience with his informative lecture on procedures of internal and external audits in an organization. A group of 20 students from accounting specialization attended the lecture. At the end of presentation many of the students discussed pertinent issues with the guest speaker.

Dr. Ghanim B. Shamas- HoD- Business Studies extended his vote of thanks to the speaker and audience. He felicitated Mr. Ashwani Jhamb with a token of appreciation certificate. He also appreciated the students for their active participation in the event and promised to conduct more of such events in the future as well.

Thursday, 12 May 2022 11:21

‘The Career Guidance Day’

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The Business Studies Department organized the ‘Career Guidance Day’ on Wednesday 29th March 2022. In this event, a series of career boosting programs were conducted for the department students. These events were organized with the help of Industrial and Community Engagement Committee, OJT Committee, Business Club, and Human Resource Management section in the department. The main idea of organizing this event was to prepare the graduating students for the job market.

The program started with a brief introduction of the program by Mr. Hatim S., HoS-HRM. He welcomed all the speakers and urge the students to take full advantage of such programs by participating actively.

First Session: How to Promote Yourself During OJT

Omantel has always being a leading training provider to the SCT students and based on their observation they have always came forward to support SCT students in developing important job skills to grab the job opportunities available in the market.

This time also, Ms. Eiman Said Al Malki, Assistant Specialist-HR from Omantel delivered a guest lecture on the topic of ‘How to Promote Yourself in Workplace During OJT’.

In her lecture, Ms. Eiman briefed the students about On-the-Job Training (OJT) program and its benefits to graduating students. She mentioned the different ways of promoting themselves during this training program in order to grab the future job opportunities in the same or other related companies. Further, she discussed the methods of building the brand value by creating a strong CV, professional LinkedIn pages and strong references. She stressed on the need of being active on social network like LinkedIn to create a strong professional network. As this will help them in exploring better job opportunities.

At the end of first session, Dr. Amit Sharma, Member-ICEC and Coordinator-OJT, thanked Ms. Eiman for delivering a valuable and informative lecture to the students. He also presented the speaker with a token of appreciation certificate on behalf of the Business Studies Department.

Second Session: Job Search Methods

In today’s highly competitive job market, it is essential to equip the job seekers with the best tools available to make their job search successful. A job search can be challenging and at times overwhelming. It is for these reasons that the BSD organized a session on Job Search Methods.

Ms. Marion Wilton, lecturer from the English Language Center-UTAS Salalah was invited as the resource speaker on this session. She discussed the effective strategies needed to successfully get that dream job including some practical advice to optimize the time and efforts that a job seeker puts into the job search. She also provided the attendees; the tools and the job platforms available online (ex. Indeed, Gulf Talent, Oman Jobs) and how a job seeker can maximize its features. Moreover, Ms. Marion gave some practical tips on how to organize a job search file using a tracking system that has proven to be effective and useful.

Before concluding the session, the resource speaker advised the exit level students to always keep a positive mindset. Job search can be frustrating and at times discouraging, but with a positive and pro-active attitude, success is not at all impossible to achieve.

Dr. Ghanim B. Shamas, HoD-Business Studies department, felicitated Ms. Marion W., with a token of appreciation certificate on behalf of the Business Studies Department.

Third Session: Write Your Destiny

Mr. Ricardo Biason, a Marketing Lecturer in the Business Studies Department, held a resume workshop that provided extensive explanations as well as step-by-step techniques for generating a successful resume.

The workshop is an interactive session that focuses on creating a job description that fulfills the needs of recruiters using Google's XYZ formula. "Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z],". The students were taught how to write an effective and competitive CV that makes an immediate impact and impression by a recruitment expert.

Furthermore, Mr. Ricardo further stressed that today's hiring managers and recruiters use an application tracking system (ATS), which is a software that assists them in filtering qualified candidates. It also helps with the management of job applications, ensuring that none of them get lost in the shuffle. The program is intended for graduating business students as well as students who are actively seeking employment or preparing to enter the workforce.

Finally, the speaker addressed the interest of business studies students in applying for jobs, looking at resumes, and writing interesting CV’s.

On this occasion, Mr. Neil R., A/HoS-Accounting, felicitated Mr. Ricardo B. with a token of appreciation for his wonderful workshop.

Concluding Remarks:

The program concluded with a motivational speech by Dr. Ghanim B. Shamas, HoD- Business Studies Department. He addressed the participating students and highlightened the importance of learning the art of finding the job while completing the final year of studies. He also stressed on the need of acting in advance in order to be ahead of competitors in the job market.

The students who attended this event were very happy to understand the basics of finding a job while being a student.

The Business Studies Department staff attended a workshop on “Enhancing office Productivity at Workplace,” organized by the Human Resource Department (HRD) Committee on March 29, 2022.

The resource person was Ms. Larissa Santos, of the business studies department and moderator was Mr. Armando Del Mundo, ETC staff. During the session, the resource person demonstrated a practical approach in explaining the following points, viz., recording of data using excel formula functions and shortcuts, applying conditional formatting, creating google sheet link, sharing and security, commonly used office productivity functions: dropdown list, conditional formatting, concatenate & v lookup and managing pivot tables.

The resource person adopted an interactive approach to explain the application of various tools available in google sheets. Resource person and the moderator were promptly involved in clarifying the doubts of the staff members. The workshop served as an excellent tool for the staff members to upgrade their skills and enhance office productivity

The Head of the Business Studies Department-UTAS-Salalah, Dr. Ghanim Shamas and Mr. Hatem Suwailam- HOS-HR, welcomed the delegates from Salalah Vocational College for a collaborative meeting on March 17, 2022 at the BSIT Meeting Room.

The meeting focused on the subject of assisting Salalah Vocational College in relation to course assessments, teaching methodologies and learning enhancements. Moreover, sharing of best practices was also on the agenda with the intention of improving the teaching and learning process. In addition to fulfilling the requirements, the outcomes of these collaborative efforts will benefit the students of Salalah Vocational College where they can acquire practical work experience and apply those skills they obtained from the exchange of best practices amongst the Business Studies Department.

Other topics discussed include mutually beneficial ways on how both parties can work together to benefit its stakeholders. The meeting is a leadoff for future collaborations and partnerships with the ultimate objective of achieving high quality instruction and an improved learning environment.

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