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On December 11, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration’s Research and Consultancy Team and Student Development Team at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah organized a workshop titled "Secondary Data Analysis using EViews Software in Scientific Research". The event was participated in by 25 research students. Dr. Sohail Amjed, a seasoned expert in the field, served as the resource person, guiding participants through the intricacies of secondary data analysis and the utilization of EViews software. 

The workshop commenced with an exploration of the fundamental concepts surrounding secondary data analysis, emphasizing its importance in the research domain and surveying various sources of secondary data. Participants were then introduced to EViews software, with a focus on its applications in economic and financial research. The session included a hands-on segment, enabling attendees to familiarize themselves with the EViews interface. 

As the workshop progressed, Dr. Amjed delved into the practical aspects of data management. Participants learned the intricacies of imporng secondary data into EViews, followed by cleaning and preprocessing techniques to ensure data accuracy and reliability. The subsequent segment covered basic statical analysis, incorporating descriptive statistics, data visualization, and essential tools such as correlation and regression analysis, all executed within the EViews framework. The workshop reached its apex with an exploration of advanced techniques, including me-series analysis for forecasting and panel data analysis for more comprehensive insights. Dr. Amjed adeptly demonstrated how EViews can be leveraged to unlock the potential of me-series data and handle panel data effectively. Throughout the workshop, participants exhibited a keen interest, actively engaging with the material and posing pertinent questions. The interactive nature of the session contributed to a vibrant learning environment, fostering a deeper understanding of secondary data analysis techniques and the application of EViews software. 

As the workshop drew to a close, a participant expressed gratitude on behalf of the attendees, acknowledging Dr. Sohail Amjed's expertise and the valuable insights gained during the session. The event concluded on a positive note with a vote of thanks, highlighting the significance of the workshop in enhancing the research capabilities of the participants and equipping them with valuable skills for future endeavors in scientific research. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2023 13:36

Publishing in Top-Ranked Journals using PLS-SEM

On November 28th, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration – Salalah, Research and Consultancy Team organized an insightful workshop spearheaded by Dr. Ahmed Elbaz, Dr. Islam Salem, and Dr. Hassan Aideed. The workshop is aimed at equipping participants with the essential knowledge and skills for effective publishing using structural equation models (PLS-SEM). The workshop covered a diverse array of topics, ranging from fundamental concepts such as variables, latent variables, constructs, and measurements to more advanced techniques like CB-SEM and PLS-SEM. The facilitators delved into crucial aspects of publishing in top- ranked journals, elucidating the nuances of direct and indirect relationships, the role of theory, and the distinction between reflective and formative indicators. The session also provided practical insights into reporting PLS- SEM measurement models, with a particular 

focus on utilising the WarpPLS software. 

The workshop emphasised the holistic process of scholarly communication. The workshop guided participants in crafting catchy titles, incorporating figures and tables, and integrating schematic diagrams to enhance the visual appeal of their work. Participants were urged to concentrate on clarity, conciseness, and the development of easy-to-understand abstracts, emphasizing the importance of addressing significant real-world problems and creating robust studies. Furthermore, participants extensively discussed strategies to increase research productivity, such as collaborating with experienced scientists or researchers, meticulously following journal guidelines, and transparently responding to reviewer comments. The second paragraph delves into specific recommendations for successful publication and introduces the participants to the nuances of the PLS-SEM measurement model, paving the way for a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of academic publishing in the realm of structural equation modelling. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2023 13:32

Financial Evaluation using Excel

On December 3, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration's Student Development Team at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah organized a workshop specifically tailored for Bachelor Students in Accounting. The event featured Mr. Pavan Kumar, a Lecturer from the Accounting Section, as the resource person. 

Mr. Pavan Kumar presented on the importance of Financial Evaluation and its relevance to users of financial statements. He emphasized various financial techniques and tools used by experts to evaluate and analyze a company's profitability and financial position. By harnessing the built-in features of MS Excel and integrating essential mathematical formulas, he demonstrated how to assess a company's profitability and its current financial position over time. 

The resource person utilized two primary methods for financial analysis. The first method focused on data from the company's financial statements (fundamental analysis), laying the groundwork for developing advanced equations in Excel. The second method concentrated on charting, probabilities, and if-then analysis (technical analysis). Additionally, he exhibited interactive charts for various tools, prioritizing those that are simpler to use and update, using real technical charting techniques.

On November 28, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration – Salalah, in collaboration with the student development team organized an industrial field trip to Dhofar Food & Investments Company (SAOG) and Asafwah Milk & Juices Company in Salalah. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between academic theories and real-world industrial operations, providing a valuable learning experience for students. 

The visit offered students the opportunity to interact with experienced industry professionals, deepening their understanding of the practical applications of their academic studies. They gained comprehensive insights into the company's operational aspects, including their advanced production processes, packaging facilities, and logistics management. This exposure to actual workstations and systems was instrumental in reinforcing the practical implications of their classroom learning. 

A key highlight of the trip was the detailed presentation by the company, showcasing their commitment to high-quality standards, intricate production processes, and strategic plans for expansion. The emphasis on environmental protection, effective waste management, and customer sasfaction aligned with Oman's vision for sustainable development. Additionally, the students were enlightened about the promising prospects in the food and beverage industry, encouraging them to consider these avenues for their future careers and business opportunities. 

The trip concluded with a dynamic Q&A session, where students' questions were thoughtfully addressed. This provided clarifications and allowed them to share their positive feedback on this enriching experience. This initiative, led by our esteemed and dedicated faculty members Dr. Viju Mathew, Mrs. Sandra Mascarenhas, Mrs. Prathima Sudhir, and Dr. Sanyo Moosa, and bolstered by the head of the department, Dr. Ghanim Shamas, as well as the efforts of the student development team, underscores the college's commitment to delivering a comprehensive educational experience. By combining academic excellence with practical exposure, we equip our students to excel in their future professional journeys.

On December 5th, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) hosted a staff development workshop titled “Creating and Producing Interactive Educational Videos using H5P on E-Learning Platforms”. This event, supported and initiated by Mr. Mohammed Bakheet Kashoob, a lecturer at CEBA and member of the e-learning team, was organized by the Staff Development Committee (SDC).

The workshop featured Mr. Arnelito R. Junio and Ms. Larissa Uy Santos, both lecturers at CEBA, as the primary speakers. Mr. Arnelito highlighted the use of H5P, an HTML5-based tool for creating interactive video content. He illustrated how faculty members could enhance their videos with multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, pop-up texts, and various other interactive elements, all accessible via a web browser. He emphasized the tool's role in reinforcing learning concepts and increasing student engagement through its innovative features.

Mr. Arnelito also demonstrated the process of creating a video, showcasing H5P's various functionalities such as multiple-choice questions, free-text questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, drag-and-drop questions, interactive summaries, single choice question sets, “Mark the Word” activities, and incorporating elements like images, tables, and links.

Ms. Larissa played a key role in assisting staff with accessing the e-learning platform and provided hands-on guidance. She further elaborated on how the interactive video tool could impart valuable insights and practical skills to students. Her assertion that H5P enables faculty members to weave interactive elements into educational content added depth to the discussion. The workshop was interactive, with attendees actively participating and sharing ideas to enhance their teaching sessions.


On November 14, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration's Student Development Team at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences – Salalah successfully conducted an online workshop on SPSS for Research Project students.

Dr. Islam Elbayoumi Salem, Dr. Ahmed Elbaz, Dr. Hassan Aideed, and Dr. Hana Ahmed, esteemed members of our student project team, led the workshop. Their expertise enabled them to effectively teach both the basics of SPSS and more advanced techniques, such as regression and correlation analysis.

The workshop, titled “Data Analysis Using the SPSS Program”, was aimed at enhancing the analytical skills of business project students, particularly in the realm of data analysis. The instructors, who are assistant professors in the tourism management section, emphasized the significance of SPSS as a critical tool in data processing and analysis.

The comprehensive curriculum covered a range of topics, including:

  1. Downloading and installing SPSS.
  2. Coding questionnaires in SPSS.
  3. Managing electronic questionnaire data, including downloading and converting Excel files.
  4. Converting and importing data from Excel to SPSS.
  5. Configuring study variables.
  6. Conducting reliability tests.
  7. Performing descriptive analysis, including frequencies, mean, and standard deviation.
  8. Undertaking correlation and regression analyses.

The session concluded with a vote of gratitude from a class research student, reflecting the overwhelming appreciation and enthusiasm of the attendees for the valuable skills and knowledge they had gained.

This workshop represents CEBA's commitment to providing practical, hands-on learning experiences that equip our students with the essential tools for their academic and professional endeavors.

Wednesday, 20 December 2023 13:06

Career Guidance Day

On December 7, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration’s Student Development Team at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah organized an enriching Career Guidance Day. It was a convergence of practical insights and career wisdom, aimed at equipping students with the essential tools to navigate the competitive job market. 

The day's agenda was packed with valuable sessions led by esteemed professionals and alumni, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to our students. Mr. Hatem Suwailam, a revered lecturer in Human Resource Management, imparted key strategies in CV wring. His session illuminated techniques for crafting a CV that stands out in today's job market, a vital skill for our aspiring professionals. 

Adding to this reservoir of knowledge was Mr. Ricardo Biason, a Marketing Lecturer, who delved into the complexities of job description wring. His talk, titled "The XYZ of Job Description Wring," was not just informative but also engaging. Furthermore, he shared a robust technique for STAR behavioral interviews, providing our students with a toolkit to excel in challenging interview scenarios. "Wouldn't it be great if you can write what you want to be in life?" Mr. Biason asked, encouraging students to envision and articulate their career inspirations. 

In an interactive segment of the day, Ahmed Al Dahab, Assistant HR Manager, and Salem Al Shahri, Training Center Manager from Asyad SFZ, both distinguished alumni of our university, conducted mock interviews. This session, marked by its practical approach, allowed students to experience real interview settings. Their years of experience in the field brought a level of authenticity and learning that was unparalleled. 

The awarding of Certificates of Recognition to Ahmed and Salem by Dr. Khalid Salim Bakhit Al Shanfari, Dr. Neil Raymond Saletrero, and Dr. Amit Sharma not only honored their valuable contribution to the event but also celebrated their journey as alumni who have significantly contributed to their respective fields. 

Career Guidance Day was more than just an event; it was a testament to the commitment of the student development team and their continuous endeavor to bridge academia and industry. The insights shared by our speakers have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on our students, equipping them with the confidence and skills to embark on their career paths. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers and organizers for making this event a resounding success. Their dedication and effort in shaping the careers of our students are truly commendable.

On December 12, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administration’s Student Development Team at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah organized an enriching fieldtrip to Millennium Resort Salalah, spearheaded by Dr. Sandeep Ojha. The team of faculty members are, Dr. Sandeep Ojha, Dr. Amit Sharma, Ms. Sandra Mascarenhas, Ms. Prathima Sudhir, and Ms. Anju Charanjith. The training coordinator provided a brief description of the organization, its structure, the various operational departments and support centers, amenities, and the terminologies and abbreviations commonly used in the hotel industry. Ms. Anju then led the students on a tour of the property, detailing the operational structure of various departments. Mr. Jimin, the head of the accounting and finance section, demonstrated the accounting procedures and the responsibilities of a finance manager, as well as the opportunities in accounting and finance in the hotel industry. He explained the essential financial and income statements that need to be prepared in compliance with IFRS for both internal and external users. The students actively participated in the sessions, asking questions that were effectively answered by Mr. Jimin and Ms. Anju, who also proposed an internship and training program for the students. The staff members shared their success stories as well. 

The foremost objective of students’ visit to Millennium Resort Salalah is to understand and enhance students’ educational experience in Accounting Tourism and Hospitality Industry. It is a useful educational tool for transforming learning experience beyond the traditional classroom. Besides enhancement of student learning, fieldtrips also benefit faculty members with valuable professional development experience. Industrial visit sensitizes students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the real world. The visit also gives greater clarity about various management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action. 

The aims and objectives of the field trip were as follows: 

  1. To aid faculties in the delivery of the curriculum. 
  2. To help students fulfill certain curriculum requirements. 
  3. To provide a unique opportunity for students to gain an insight into a working environment related to a subject area. 
  4. To help management trainees develop their communication and interpersonal skills in the context of work. 
  5. To help the organization promote their line of work.

The field trip agenda included a tour of the property, an overview of the hotel industry, an insight into the working environment of the hotel industry, an exploration of various departments and their functional structures, a review of the accounting procedures in the hotel industry, and a session on success stories. 

On November 5, 2023, the College of Economics and Business Administraon's (CEBA) at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah organized a valuable lecture in a collaborave effort between the Tourism and Hospitality major and Student Development Team, featuring Dr. Hassan Aideed, Dr. Ahmed Elbaz, and Dr. Islam Salem, and the Human Resources Management major, led by The Head of Department Dr. Ghanim Shamas, and Dr. Ali Hubais. This lecture, focusing on tourism indicators and hotel management, was exclusively tailored for students enrolled in the Tourism and Hospitality major. The insighul event marked a significant educaonal opportunity for those involved. The delegaons were welcomed by Dr. Ahmed Ali Al Shahri, Assistant Vice-Chancellor, in his office. 

Mr. Al-Muatasim Al-Marhoon, Head of the Events Department at the General Directorate of Heritage and Tourism in Dhofar Governorate, took the stage to delve into compelling discussions surrounding tourism indicators and the pivotal role of the ministry in promong Oman as a tourism desnaon. Following the inial lecture, the engaged audience was treated to an enlightening presentaon by the Orascom team, led by Mr. Mehmet Tunç, the Regional General Manager of Orascom in the Sultanate of Oman. 

The session focused into diverse facets of hotel management, encompassing cung-edge hotel operang tools, the latest developments in the dynamic hospitality sector, sustainability pracces, and human resource management—all underpinned by the intersecon of informaon and communicaon technology. 

This enriching lecture was characterized by its interacve nature, allowing ample me for students and academic staff to acvely engage, pose quesons, and parcipate in discussions, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and insights. This event reflects the CEBA interest in enhancing communicaon and exchanging experiences between academic instuons and related stakeholders. Such high-value events will contribute to broadening the horizons of students majoring in tourism and hospitality, enabling them to beter explore and understand this vital and important sector in the Sultanate of Oman. 

By the end of the informave lectures, CEBA concerned faculty of the event conducted a meeng with members of the Orascom team to further discuss the future collaboraon in relaon to research, teaching and training.

Wednesday, 18 October 2023 09:07

Preparation of Probation Scenarios

On October 3, 2023, faculty members from the College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) attended a staff development workshop titled "Preparation of Probation Scenarios and Advising Concerns." This event was organized by the Staff Development Committee (SDC) and was supported by Dr. Sanyo Moosa, a lecturer from the College of Economics and Business Administration.

Dr. Ramanadh Kasturi, a lecturer at the College of Economics and Business Administration, served as the resource person for the seminar. He emphasized on what is probation? A particular focus was on calculation of Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA), Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Subsequently the discussion has shifted to scenario preparation for probation students using the excel sheets. The resource person demonstrated various sample scenarios related to probation students. Also, the discussion was on probation students who qualify/disqualify for the Academic Probation 4.

Resource Person also elucidated on handling of critical cases. Firstly, the discussion was on who are the students that are considered as critical case students? Secondly, what kind of attention is required from the advisor in handling a critical student was discussed in detail. Prior to the conclusion of the session the essence of Prerequisites courses was discussed. Advisors were informed that a prerequisite course needs to be advised prior to students studying a specialized course.

The presentation became more engaging as attendees actively participated, and delighted with sharing of ideas in handling the concerns of probation students.

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