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The Research and Consultancy Committee of Business Studies Department organized a webinar on “Research Leading to Disruptive Innovations and Impactful Publications” via MS Teams last November 23, 2021 as a part of its staff development program.

The resource speaker was Dr. Subramanian Babu, an acclaimed professor in India and the Dean at the School of Agricultural Innovations and Advanced Learning, Vellore Institute of Technology. He highlighted the theoretical and practical concepts of disruptive innovations, which are basically the mechanism that results to better quality and efficiency in performance. Moreover, he cited the proactive approach in achieving disruptive innovations with highly relevant and practical examples, as well as the strategies that ensure an impactful and influential research publication.

The webinar ended with an open forum.

Monday, 08 November 2021 13:59

BSD staff attend IPMS session

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The Business Studies Department staff attended a session on Individual Performance Measurement System (IPMS), which was organized by the Human Resource Department (HRD) Committee on October 26, 2021.

The facilitator Mr. Hatem Suwailam discussed the essentials of accelerating the implementation of IPMS, such as the steps and tools involved in its implementation, the value addition possible to all stakeholders, and the measurable objectives to be achieved by the staff in specific time.

Also, he explained about objectives and key results (OKRs), key results features, and the bell-curve distribution of evaluation ratio (i.e. a tool to distribute staff using a curve shape where the majority will be the average and the lower percentage to the sides to represent excellent or weak performance).

The attendees were appreciative in learning the IPMS governing system, particularly on rules and responsibilities of the managers, staff, and HRD.

The Human Resource Department (HRD) Committee of Business Studies Department (BSD) organized an exclusive webinar for the staff members on September 28, 2021.

The facilitator Dr. Ramanadh Kasturi discussed the topic “Essential Probation and Advising Guidelines.” He explained the essential variables to consider in putting students on probation, such as inputs on semester grade point average and its calculation, cumulative grade point average and its calculation, reasons for the dismissal of students, scenario preparation for AP4 students, details related to handling listener student, prerequisite courses, and suggestions to advisors in handling probation students. He focused on the curriculum followed at UTAS while he was elucidating the topic. The attendees considered the webinar insightful and helpful.

The Research and Consultancy Committee of the Business Studies Department recently conducted an initial workshop on Project Awareness and Guidelines to all BSD senior and graduation project students last September 28, 2021, at 12 PM, via Microsoft Teams.

The committee chairman Dr.Navaneetha Krishnan was the resource speaker. He discussed the process involved in the project, along with work expectation, timelines, and marks allocation.

The Senior/Graduation Project is an educational experience that provides BSD students from the three specializations an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to research a topic, process information from different sources, write a research paper, and make an oral presentation to defend their research.

According to the R&C chairman, another sessions and workshops will be conducted to help students complete their project in a scholarly manner.

The Business Studies Department (BSD) through the initiative of the Human Resource Development Committee organized a faculty development programme on the topic Comprehensive Case Study Analysis last June 29, 2021.

Dr. Mohammed Nazeer Ahmed, the resource person and a BSD faculty member, presented the importance of exploiting case studies in classrooms as an effective means to enhance student learning. He elucidated the basics of case studies and the reasons for using case studies to a variety of industries, organizations and strategic problems.

He further explained that using case studies is of great importance to students to assume managerial role, apply tools and techniques of their respective specialization or functional area, and even compel them to come up with pragmatic management action plans. The discussion continued with an emphasis on the different types of case studies available for the academics to explore while imparting quality education to the students.

Lastly, the resource person shared some teaching tips, while handling case study assignments in the classroom environment. The particular focus during the session was how to create interest in the students’ minds while dealing with case studies.

The Business Studies Department (BSD) through the initiative of the Human Resource Development Committee organized a faculty development programme on the topic Introduction to Time Series Analysis on the 15th of June, 2021.

Mr. Pavan Kumar, the facilitator and a BSD faculty member, presented comprehensive data on trend analysis using the EViews software. Statistical forecasting was highlighted during the session, where the attendees learned that using various analytical tools is user friendly since data could be efficiently managed. The facilitator also explained the significance of using Simple Time Series Regressions.

The programme was dynamic as evidenced with the attendees’ insightful participation during the question and answer portion.

The Research and Consultancy (R&C) Committee of the Business Studies Department (BSD) organized an online session on “Project Awareness for Staff Supervisors and Students on Project Guidelines” via MS Teams on May 11, 2021 at 10:40 a.m.

The speaker was Dr. Navaneetha Krishnan, BSD Lecturer of UTAS-Salalah.  The session was one of the series of R&C committee’s workshops, which aims to help senior project students understand the procedures and assessment criteria to be followed in their projects, and to provide them the relevant tools and knowledge to complete their project requirements. 

During the session Dr. Navaneetha highlighted the general guidelines in preparing the graduation/senior project, along with responsibilities of the students and the supervisors. He explained the basic rules and procedures on how to effectively prepare the project and its contents including the timetable for submission and completion.

Dr.,Ghanim Shamas, HoS-Accounting and R&C committee member, also shared his expertise on the critical contents of the project specifically on the literature review and how it is supposed to be written. The session was well attended by all students, their supervisors, and R&C committee.

In its continuing effort to equip relevant tools and knowledge in building research capacity mechanisms, the Research and Consultancy (R&C) committee of the Business Studies Department (BSD), UTAS- Salalah, organized a webinar and open forum on “Successful TRC Submissions” last April 6, 2021, via MS Teams.

The resource speaker of the webinar was Dr. Aziza Al Qamashoui, faculty at UTAS - Al Mussana.  Currently, she is the University’s Deputy Research Committee Chair and the Head of Technology Transfer Office. She discussed the guidelines on the different types of research grants and the necessary steps on how to upload a research proposal in TRC-RIMS (The Research Council-Research Information Management Systems).

During the open forum, faculty members manifested their eagerness and interest to learn more about TRC, and all their queries and concerns were clearly explained by Dr. Aziza.

Staff members across all departments of UTAS-Salalah attended the said webinar, including the Head of BSD Dr. Abdullah Al Ghazali, who supports in enabling a research culture in this University.

According to the R & C committee of BSD, future webinars and collaborations related to research are in the pipeline to support the University’s mission to provide a high quality learning, training, and research environment.

Friday, 02 April 2021 14:40

Webinar on Business Ethics

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The Student Development (SD) committee and On-the-Job Training program of the Business Studies Department organized a webinar on “Prohibited Matters in Business in Islam and Ethical Practices in Organizations” via MS teams on March 16, 2021 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. to equip students with insights on different ethical practices in the business environment.

The resource speaker was Mr. Mughees Shaukhat, Islamic financial strategist, policy advisor, Fintech Specialist, and Chairman of Fingel Global Inc., Canada. He highlighted the means to earn legitimate income and how to manage the natural risks during the process of doing business.

In addition, the speaker emphasized that the rule of law, well- defined property rights and a high degree of trust, efficient contract enforcement, and good governance are the main principles that govern economic behavior of an individual and society. He concluded his lecture by explaining the difference between Riba and Ribh, transformational leadership and the challenges that need confrontation, ethical practices, and organizational behavior.

The session was attended by students taking up Business Ethics as a common course, Staff, and SD committee members.

The Business Studies Department (BSD) through the initiative of the Human Resource Development Committee organized a Faculty Development Programme on the topic “Implementing Research-Teaching Nexus in the Curriculum of Higher Education'' last March 18, 2021.

The programme was conducted with the support of the On-the-Job Training program and the Industrial Link Committee. Dr. Anand was the facilitator for the programme. He is the Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research Department, College of Banking and Financial Studies in Muscat.

During the session, the facilitator presented comprehensive data on connecting research with teaching. The session discussed essential aspects with of knowledge and subsequently the transfer of knowledge with students, transferring them as per the expectations of corporations. He elucidated on aspects considered for linking research with academics. He asserted that research oriented universities and institutions integrate research into teaching/learning while promoting research culture within the campus. This holistic approach helps students in acquiring employability skills.

Various models explaining the need to connect research and teaching were likewise discussed during the session. All models reviewed during the session primarily focused on providing applied knowledge by the academicians to the students through research by emphasizing prerequisites industries need from prospective employees applied knowledge, not mere conceptual understanding.

The programme was participative and lively as evidenced with the attendees’ thorough contributed thoughts and ideas during the questioning session. While attending the programme, the participants disclosed that they grasped the significance of integrating research into teaching-learning activities.

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