ELC holds virtual award ceremony

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ELC holds first virtual award ceremony

In adherence to the decision of the Supreme Committee to strictly observe physical distancing in the workplace, the English Language Center (ELC) held its first ever virtual award ceremony on the 29th of June 2021 via MS Teams.

During his message, Mr. Saeed Al-Mashiki, expressed his gratitude to the entire ELC staff for their contributions to the Center amid the global pandemic. The Head of the ELC mentioned that both the academic and support staff play a crucial role in the success delivery of remote learning because of their spirit of teamwork, patience, and cooperation.  

The Patron of the ceremony was Dr. Mohammed Rashid Almamari, the Dean of UTAS-Salalah College of Technology. He commended the ELC administration for initiating such an event and the ELC staff for their hard work and dedication.

The awardees in different categories are as follows:

ELT National Virtual Symposium

  1. Ms. Huda Al Huraibi           –          Organizer
  2. Ms. Muna Kashoob            –          Organizer
  3. Ms. Kamla Koofan              –          Organizer
  4. Ms. Samha Al Mashali       –          Member
  5. Ms. Nawal Al Jameel         –           Member
  6. Ms. Amal Alawadi              –          Member
  7. Mr. Shoaib Al Balushi        –          Member
  8. Mr. Khalid Al Ghafri           –          Member
  9. Mr. Randy Magdaluyo       –          Member
  10. Dr. Rais Attamimi               –          Member
  11. Mr. Edward Stallard          –           Member
  12. Mr. Antony Jawahar          –          Member
  13. Ms. Laveena Lazar             –           Member
  14. Mr. Bernard Ugalde          –           IT Support
  15. Ms. Melissa Juanillo           –         IT Support
  16. Mr. Melanio Calangian      –          ETC Support
  17. Mr. Abdelaziz Gali Hamid  –          ETC Support
  18. Mr. Amir Hajjaj                    –         ETC Support
  19. Ms. Hakima Mohammed   –         ETC Support
  20. Mr. Junn Eric Timoteo       –           ETC Support

ELC Webinar Speakers

  1. Dr. Muna Muqaibal        –              Staff Professional Development
  2. Dr. V.M. Sundar                –             Staff Professional Development
  3. Dr. Aju Thomas                –             Research and Consultancy
  4. Mr. Edward Stallard        –             Research and Consultancy
  5. Dr. Manizhe Alami          –            Research and Consultancy

International Webinar Speakers

  1. Dr. Lorna Beduya               –           Staff Professional Development
  2. Ms. Gaby Lawson             –            Staff Professional Development

ELC Magazine

  1. Dr. Claire Orpilla                  –         Editor in Chief
  2. Mr. John Richard O’Neil     –         Associate Editor
  3. Mr. Jon Chittick                   –         Copy Editor
  4. Mr. Anurag Thota               –          Feature Editor
  5. Mr. Melanio Calangian      –          Cover Editor
  6. Ms. Huda Al Huraibi           –          Contributing Editor
  7. Ms. Sharooq  Reehan          –         Contributor
  8. Dr. Muna Muqaibal            –         Contributor
  9. Ms. Rachel Joseph              –          Contributor
  10. Ms. Hridhya Menon           –          Contributor
  11. Mr. Osman Mohammed    –         Contributor
  12. Ms. Marion Wilton             –          Contributor
  13. Dr. Wifred Blessing             –         Contributor (IT Department)
  14. Dr. Mohammed Nazeer      –        Contributor (Business Studies Department)
  15. Sharifa Al Kathiri                  –        Contributor (Engineering Department)
  16. Majed Al Ghassani              –         Contributor (English Language Center)

ELC Staff who are Leaving

  1. Ms. Marily Gayeta       
  2. Ms. Radhika Kumar
  3. Ms. John Richard O’Neil
  4. Mr. Zaid Owda

ELC Management Support

  1. Ms. Muna Al Maashani      –         Timetable Coordinator
  2. Dr. Rana Aslam                    –          Post-Foundation Coordinator
  3. Ms. Rekha Siby                    –          Level 4 Coordinator
  4. Mr. Aminah Sutphen         –          Level 3 Coordinator
  5. Mr. Musallam Al Mahri     –          Level 2 Coordinator
  6. Ms. Samha Al Mashali       –          Level 1 Coordinator
  7. Ms. Salina Mascrelhas       –          QA Expert
  8. Mr. Shoaib Al Balushi        –          Registrar & Data Analyst
  9. Ms. Yusra Said                    –          Assistant Registrar
  10. Mr. Farrukh Irshad             –          GFP Exam Coordinator
  11. Dr. Iyyappan S.                   –           PFP Exam Representative
  12. Mr. Kamal Moaaz              –           Resource Requirement Coordinator
  13. Dr. Claire Orpilla                –           Department Coordinator


Meanwhile, the master of ceremonies during the event was Mr. Salim Al-Maashani, the HoS-English Language Programs, while Ms. Khayar Alamri, the HoS-Curriculum and Teaching Methods, closed the event by expressing her profound gratitude and felicitations to all staff for a job well done despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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