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To enhance the teaching learning process industrial visits, play an important role. In this regard the Staff Development Team member Ar. Jyoti S. Gidavir of Civil and Architectural Engineering section organized a visit to upcoming hospitality project –The Dhofar Beach Resort and Spa on 28th Feb 2023. A team of staff and the students of Architectural engineering visited the project. The aim of the visit was to study the planning of the spaces, the structural details, the material specification, construction technology and so on.

Mr. Senan Salim, Project Manager and his team welcomed the group and gave a brief introduction of the project. Mr Senan took to the various spaces of the resort starting from the main lobby, adjacent outdoor areas which is connected with nature. He discussed the structural details of the double dome of the lobby, the material specifications of the finishes.

Later proceeded to the villas which are exclusively designed as per the theme as Honeymoon villas, spa villas. Along the tour Mr. Senan and his team accompanied the team discussing on various parameters. The tour continued to the outdoor restaurant spaces and the swimming pool which is designed on infinity concept. The project has a separate gym area for male and female adjacent to is a kids play zone.

The Manager had a detail discussion with the students explaining the practical application and the work co-ordination on site among various teams as civil, architects, MEP team. As the Ball room and Meeting rooms were still under construction, the team could observe and understand the services details.


This visit provided a good prospect for the staff and students to link the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom with practical implications. Altogether, it was a wonderful learning experience for the students as they were acquainted with the real project.

Additional Info

  • Academic Year: AY 2022-2023
  • Semester: 2nd Semester
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