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During the first semester AY 2021-2022, the English Language Center renamed the English Forum to ELC CLUBS for more student involvements from the ELC, including the academic departments at UTAS-Salalah. Ms. Mariam Al Sabbah, an ELC Lecturer, is the designated overall Coordinator of the ELC Clubs.

Below is the detailed information about the 4 sub-clubs of ELC Clubs:










Photography Club

Anwaar Ahmed

Jogi George

We’am Al Jilani

All ELC (GFP & PFP) students at UTAS-Salalah

The Photography Club is organized under the English Clubs for student activities to enhance the photography skills of ELC students. Through the club, students are provided a platform to meet and interact with other students and invited guests and experts in photography. The club also attempts to hold workshop, seminars and discussion forum to the club members about nuances in photography including skills, technology, and content development. 

To providing & explore areas of visual communication as an enhancement to students’ English language learning process and experience

To use & update the technology required to improve the visual skills communication through photography 

Awareness Session

Workshops and Discussion

Photography Competition

Photography Exhibition

Outdoor Photography


Arts Club

Laveena Lazar

Rio Asada

Rachel Joseph

All ELC (GFP & PFP) students at UTAS-Salalah

The Arts club provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination explore in a different perspective. It aims to tap the inherent talents and potentials of the student community at all levels of life and to nourish their artistic and creative side.

To develop & demonstrate skills in critical and analytical thinking through various artistic activities. 

To build strong bond among the teacher and student community through collaborative work.

To support & spread cultural and knowledge awareness in all fields.

Reading Competition

Book Review Contest 

Calligraphy/Art Workshop/Competition 

Masking and Social distancing Poster Campaign 


Speaking Club

Edward Stallard

Michael Pendry

Marion Wilton

Somi Brown

Zizo Mda

All ELC (GFP & PFP) students at UTAS-Salalah

Under the domain of the English Language Center, the Speaking Club aims to provides an engaging and rich learning environment for students to learn and practice language skills with the necessary confidence. In this setting, students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of engaging activities to foster a love for developing and improving their speaking skills.

To emphasize awareness on the importance of speaking English.

To create an English speaking environment for students.

To provide a platform for students for developing communication skills.

To enhance students’ English knowledge.

To enhance and build students’ confidence through a variety of activities.

To provide students with an opportunity to raise opinions and debate issues, and to encourage critical thinking.

Debate competition

Pronunciation games

Group discussions to encourage critical thinking

Mock Interviews

Student Presentations

Various games 


Toastmasters Club

Huda Al Huraibi

Hridhya Menon

All bonafide students at UTAS-Salalah

Toastmasters International is a US-headquartered nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide. 

To promote communication,

public speaking & leadership

Extemporaneous speeches 


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