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Community Training Schedule  برنامج ورش خدمة المجتمع

At the University of Technology and Applied Sciences- Salalah, we strongly believe that we are a resource and an asset to the community. Beyond our core objectives and vision, we have a commitment to be a responsible participant in the local and national community. As an educational institution, the University of Technology and Applied Sciences- Salalah continuously initiates and supports the public through different general outreach programs. We will continue to strive in strengthening our roles of social responsibilities as a higher education institution.

SN Workshop Date Time Venue Facilitator Language Attendees Registered Status Platform  
1 Job portals in Oman for Job Seekers
22/03/2023 12.30 PM - 1.30 PM Brainstorming
  • Dr. S. Sivamani
English OPEN TO PUBLIC 9 Scheduled # Register