College Dean Meets New Staff 

Dr. Maryam Al-Awadi, Dean of Salalah college of Technology met the new Staff in the English Language Center Today. This meeting was an introductory workshop on college regulations and rules. Dr. Maryam welcomed the new staff joining the college and the Academic Faculty. She expressed her excitement for having teachers with such a great professional experience specially that they are all come from different countries and backgrounds and this undoubtedly contributed to promoting development and aimed at reaching the maximum possible use of knowledge. It is worth mentioning that the College is making every effort to facilitate and encourage all possibilities available at this Educational Institution. Dr. Maryam discussed the culture of our society and the optimal mechanisms to work with it. She assured them that her office is open to everyone all the time. At the end of her speech, she wished everyone a year full of success and progress. After that Dr. Ahmed Al-Shahari, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs welcomed the new Teachers. He pointed out that the college contains 4700 student and assured the new staff that they will enjoy the atmosphere in Dhofar which will help them to adapt very easily with our environment, especially as it has such an amazing nature, beautiful beaches, mountains and desert .The meeting was attended by:

Dr. Ahmed Al-Shahri

Mr.Hashim AL-Dahab

Heads of sections 

College Media 

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