OJT Policy and Procedures

Policy and Procedures for On-The-Job Training

The College Quality Assurance Manual defined On-Job Training(OJT) is any period of supervised and assessed work carried out by students, with the approval of the College, in a company or other employer setting. Section 4.5 of the QAM discussed the policy and procedures for OJT.

The purpose of OJT is to provide students with appropriate opportunities to develop work skills and put into proactice knowledge in an authentic setting, and to further develop their understanding of the pressures and responsibilities associated with employment in their chose field of specialisation.

Full objectives and procedures for OJT, including the requirements for both employers and students, and the means of assessing student performance, are set out in the booklet  " College of Techology On-Job Training Student Log Book".

OJT department coordinator should perform the following funtions:

  • Collect the list of students who are eligible for OJT for the coming semster, from the advisors.
  • Calculate the maximum number of students for each section of OJT.
  • Visit relevant OJT locations, discuss with the concerned company officials an get the verbal acceptance for training.
  • Explain about the scheme of OJT to company supervisors.

The role of the academic department OJT coordinator are as follows:

Preliminary Activities:

  • Allocating college assesors for the chosen companies.
  • Conducting a seminar for the college assessors about the scheme of OJT and responsibilities.
  • Collecting the application forms from the eligible students with their choice of companies.
  • According to the students choice, CGPA and other criterion, allocated students to each company.
  • Conducting induction program for the students to make them understand the scheme and importance of OJT.
  • Preparing and sending official request letters to concerned companies with the help of OJT department.
  • College assessors will meet the concerned company supervisors and prepares the training schedule.
  • College assessors should explain about the company's profile, method of training and their responsibilities to the students.
  • Collecting the log/assessment books from the coordinator and distribute to students-company supervisors.

During OJT:

  • Visiting OJT students at least once in two weeks and evaluate the training.
  • Discussing with the company supervisors about the present status of training.
  • Circulating and collecting the filled questionnaire from the students as well as the OJT supervisors.
  • Recording the marks of individual students on the fourth week.

After the end of the OJT:

  • Collecting the log/assessment books from the studnents-company supervisors.
  • Students will be submitting an individual report on their training and a presentation ahould be done.
  • Assessing the report and presentation by a team of 3 lecturers and records of marks are kept.
  • Submitting the completed OJT forms, compiled questionnaire along with the log/assessment books to the coordinator.
  • Collecting and consolidating the forms and questionnaires, combining and submitting the same to the PJT department.